Our final installment in the Family Court series continues the discussion of why legal support should be considered when appearing in Family Court.

Often the reality is that many family court cases settle. If you tell the judge or support magistrate that you agree to something, then you are bound to that agreement and generally can’t back out of it later on.  Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what they are actually agreeing to in family court and what rights they may have inadvertently waived.  It is thus critical to have an attorney guide you though what terms mean in a settlement so that you understand it.

If you are at the point in which this is a possibility, a non-lawyer may have no idea when to settle case and when to try a case.  You may overestimate the value of your evidence and your witnesses.  You also may overestimate  what the other side has “against you”.  You lack the impartiality and experience to really make that assessment.

Finally, family court renders decisions on your children, your finances and your liberties that can have long standing impacts. At Bouvier Law we are always working hard for cases to be decided in our clients’ favor.  In the sensitive cases that are often see in Family Court, we are dedicated to to being by your side providing experienced guidance thoughout the process. If, by chance things don’t end in our favor, we will be a support to you in what the next step may be.

Source: Westlaw – Callagan’s Family Court and Law Practice New York

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