Property Tax Assessment Challenges

Western New York has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. These high taxes are often exacerbated by outdated or inflated assessments which result in owners paying more than their fair share of property taxes. Our attorneys navigate the intricate property tax assessment challenge process (tax certiorari) on behalf of our clients to reduce their property tax assessment, and in doing so, lower their taxes to save them significant amounts of money.

We take a comprehensive approach to lowering our clients’ property tax assessments. At the initial stages, we use our deep relationships with assessors and municipal officials to resolve disputes at the outset. Should a dispute progress, we can engage experienced appraisers and utilize sophisticated data analytics to obtain valuable assessment reductions. And in the event a trial is necessary, we can call upon our outstanding team of experienced litigators, paralegals, and staff with a consistent record of obtaining favorable results for our clients.

City of Buffalo 2019-2020 Reassessment

 The City of Buffalo is currently in the process of completing its first citywide reassessment of properties since 2001. Owners of residential, commercial, and industrial property in the City of Buffalo will not have a better opportunity than right now to lower their assessed property value and taxes, potentially for many years in the future. We have a dedicated team of lawyers devoted to appealing City of Buffalo tax assessments and other related real estate matters. Challenging an increased property appraisal is often a prudent step for a property owner, and if done properly, can result in a considerably lower property tax bill for years to come. For more information on the City of Buffalo property tax reassessment process, including time frames and deadlines, please see: 


Peter J. Martin

Of Counsel