The residential housing market in Buffalo is booming. The rental market is as strong as ever and many Buffalo residents have taken advantage by purchasing investment properties. This can be a very smart business move but often, purchasers may not understand all that it takes to be a landlord, especially if there is need for eviction.

Trying to evict a nonpaying or holdover tenant is complicated. When taking the proper legal route, any mistakes in papers or service could result in dismissal and more lost rent.

Our office offers a reasonable flat fee for nonpayment and holdover evictions. This service includes preparation and service of three day notice, preparation and filing of the Notice of Petition and Petition; service and filing with the Court; appearance in Court for the eviction proceeding; preparation and filing of the Warrant of Eviction with the Sheriff, Marshall or Constable (collection of delinquent rent is not included).

Bouvier Law has service available in Buffalo and all town, village, and city courts located in Erie County.

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