DWI Defense

At Bouvier Law, our DWI practice is based on a two prong philosophy: always be prepared and treat every single client like they’re family.

Always Be Prepared

Any common attorney can help a client negotiate a plea agreement for their DWI case. However, it takes a special type of attorney to have the diligence and experience to take a DWI case to trial if necessary. At Bouvier Law, we treat every single case like it is going to trial. This means that every DWI case we have is diligently reviewed at every step of the litigation. As a client, you need someone prepared to challenge the government’s allegations that you did something wrong, and preparation is imperative.

Having an attorney willing to go to trial if necessary ensures the client that they will never be pressured to take a plea agreement they do not want to take. Oftentimes, people forget that the government has the burden to prove your guilt, but at Bouvier Law we never forget our client’s Constitutional rights.


Treat Every Single Client Like They’re Family

When charged with a DWI, it effects much more than just your driver’s license. It can cause stress at home and at work. It can cause anxiety and sleepless nights. At Bouvier Law, we limit the amount of DWI cases we take to ensure that every single client gets the attention to detail and care that they deserve. We believe that our clients put their faith in our attorneys to help them through this process and that those clients deserve to be treated the same way we would treat our family members.

You will receive the same advice that our attorneys would give their parents, siblings, or children. Once you retain Bouvier Law, you will have access to your attorney’s cell phone and email. You can contact your attorney at any time through texting, calling, or emailing. When you retain Bouvier Law, you will be treated like you’re family.


Michael P. Caffery

Special Counsel