The most significant problems facing our immigration clients at Bouvier Law are expensive filing fees and lengthy delays associated with applications filed by U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents for family members seeking permanent residence, citizenship, or visas.  The best advice we offer our clients is to begin the process as soon as possible and be diligent in following through on all necessary paperwork; the sooner the process is started, the sooner you will receive the benefits you are seeking.

That while it may or may not ever happen, there is discussion in Congress about changing the laws to limit the right to file for certain family members of United States Citizens.  If you have a family member particularly a parent, brother, sister, or adult child and they would possibly like to come to the U.S. permanently in the future you should consider filing an I-130 for them now both because of  lengthy waiting times and the possibility that the law could change.

While there are great resources online, Bouvier Law offers a reasonably priced consultation and explanation of your rights and a flat fee to handle application filing with USCIS.

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