At the end of a trial, you may be in disagreement with the final judgement. If this is your case, there may be opportunity to go through an appeals process to reverse the verdict and secure a more favorable outcome. However, there may be certain requirements to be fulfilled to determine if you can qualify for the appeals process. The attorneys at Bouvier Law can assist you in determining whether or not your appeal is valid and can be taken to a higher court.

Bouvier Law maintains a very significant presence in the important area of appellate advocacy. Our appellate attorneys have achieved a reputation for excellence in both in the Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department as well as appearances before the New York State Court of Appeals.

If you have a judgement that you would like to discuss with one of our appellate attorneys, please call us for an initial consultation as this process can be lengthy and we will want to assist you in getting started as soon as possible.


Norman E. S. Greene

Special Counsel