Fees & Billing

Bouvier Partnership, LLP bills for services in three different ways, depending on the type of legal service provided.

Percentage Basis
If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury case or some other suit for the recovery of money, the fee is a fixed percentage of the total amount recovered. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Hourly Fee
The firm charges an hourly rate for work done for you on an ongoing basis. The setting of this rate depends upon the complexity of the matter. Generally, we can estimate the duration and complexity of a case, and we’ll provide you with an estimate of the fee in advance.

Project Fee
Other legal procedures, like the drawing of a will, are billed on a project basis, which is a set fee for the legal service rendered. Such projects are generally simple matters in which nothing is being contested. Our office keeps accurate records of the time expended on services performed on your behalf. In addition, you will be billed for expenses involved in the maintenance of your file. Billing may be monthly, quarterly, or annually and will be determined at the time of your initial meeting with us.

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